By Carlos JV




The protection of freedom and universal justice from the energy of darkness, to try to prevail in peace and harmony as a community on the same planet.


During the first months of 2014, visual artist Carlos JV contacted a former college classmate, a videogame programmer, Daniel I.M., and a professional collaboration started in order to develop, little by little, an independent project. The first partner also was incorporated to the project; he was essential for the team to acquire the necessary tools to achieve more efficiency in the development process. The first conceptual proposals began to be created.

During 2015, after surpassing some obstacles that delayed the development, the search for a defined concept continued and some technical processes for videogame production were studied.

On 2016, conferences on videogame development were attended during the Campus Party event in Mexico. From then on, the general idea of the project evolved in a more concrete manner, and in August the project started receiving support for the foundation stage from Mexican brands Molusc and SG Soluciones. During that time, new concepts were conceived and one of them was selected to be developed and turned into the Kid Marshmallow entertainment franchise.

During the first months of 2017, the basis of the project in general was completed and the prototype for videogame 1 started its development process. On October, there was the opportunity to receive the support of Japanese brand Reinnasance JS, with which it became possible to finish the first functional prototype, albeit with some unfinished elements. During November and the beginning of December the web platform was designed and the first content development team was assembled.

On January 20th of 2018, the prototype of the web project aimed at the general public was inaugurated and the first 4-k format manga was added. In June further progress on the videogame 1 prototype development was made. At the beginning of August the first evolution of the web platform was finished and updated on the Internet. During the first days of December the development of the project was stopped, with the objective of continuing on March 2019.


We thank the brands that have supported us during the foundation stage of the project:

Boton UP